SSRZ Format

SSRZ is a general, highly flexible, open SSR correction format developed by Geo++. SSRZ includes various bandwidth-optimization concepts as well as flexible resolutions and message streams to allow for scalable positioning services or SSR corrections exchange.

SSRZ includes the full set of SSR corrections: clock, orbit, bias, ionosphere, troposphere and multi-stage approaches for the atmospheric corrections.
SSRZ supports all systems, all frequencies and all signals.
SSRZ allows for different SSR update rates, temporal offsets, satellite groups, and complementary grids to avoid burst mode transmission scenario and equalize bandwidth in time.

SSRZ uses entropy encoding of SSR parameters with similar statistical properties to minimize bandwidth and adaptive resolutions to ensure complete SSR correction transmission in case of significantly larger values or reduced bandwidth.

SSRZ can be used for regional and global networks. Avoid double-interpolation errors in regional networks. Allows for global network definition.