Utilities and Versions

GNNET-POST Utilities

Beside the functions to evaluate GNSS observations the GNNET-POST packages provides several additional utility programs:

  • GNPNET: rigorous GNSS net adjustment for session combination, may include external (e.g. terrestrial) observations, estimation of datum parameters, variance component estimation (VCE)
  • PE2MSP: use of precise ephemeris
  • TR7P: geodetic datum transformation
  • XYZ2LLH etc: geodetic coordinate transformation, including full variance-covariance information
  • LLH2UTM etc.: geodetic projections (Gauß-Krüger, UTM, Lambert, …)
  • GTIMES: Time conversion between GPS time (week, second), GLONASS time (day, seconds) and UT (hour, minute, second, date)
  • NETPLT: graphical network plot with error ellipses
  • Graphical User Interface

Some utilities are only available for specific platforms.

GNNET-POST Versions and Options

GNNET-POST comes in different versions:

  • GNNET-POST (20+ stations, depending on PC)
  • GNNET-POST (n stations, e.g. 3, 10, 15 stations)

Avaiable options for GNNET-POST:

  • Attitude determination (system dependent price)

Installation Requirements

Operating system

  • Windows 8 / Windows 2008 server and previous Windows OS
  • others on request
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