The range of services of the Geo++® GmbH comprises all the components for positioning with GNSS. GNSS covers all navigation systems like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, etc. The generally recognized high know-how of Geo++ on this field flows into various software products and complete systems.

The most important characteristics of the Geo++ systems are its independence from receiver hardware as well as the rigorous modeling of undifferenced observable resulting in high flexibility for the carry out of different applications.

Geo++ produces the sophisticated reference service software Geo++® GNSMART that holds the German market. It serves to create and spread correction data for DGPS-applications. It can be applied both by local base stations with the reference station software Geo++® GNREF and by nation-wide, full-coverage and interconnected permanent stations with Geo++® GNNET.

For positioning in real time with GNSS the program system Geo++® GNRT/GNNET-RTK was developed. As a universal system Geo++ GNRT can be configured for all important DGNSS-applications. Owing to its scalable accuracy range from one meter up to less than one centimeter various fields of application in surveying, photogrammetry, hydrography, or GIS can be covered. The integration of additional sensors enables a flexible implementation of special customized applications.

For postprocessing GNSS-observations the efficient and well-tried program system Geo++® GNNET-POST is available.

In addition to the field of pure software systems Geo++ GmbH also sells complete systems comprising both a GNSS-sensor and the necessary communication- and computer hardware and sof

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