Technical data

Features of the reference station:

Configuration and data access of the satellite receiver with selectable data rates for realtime data processing with the following steps:

  • Control of, and data capture by, satellite receivers with user-definable sampling rates
  • Real time data processing in the following steps:
  • inspection for completeness of data
  • check on data quality from receiver-dependent quality indicators (signal strength)
  • data selection from user-definable parameters (elevation, signal strength, etc.)
  • computation of satellite position, elevation, azimuth and range
  • smoothing of pseudoranges through optimal smoothing algorithms
  • computation of pseudorange and velocity corrections
  • coding and formatting of corrections in RTCM-2.0, RTCM-2.1/2.2 or RTCM++, RTCM 3
  • coding and formatting of area correction parameters in RTCM-AdV/RTCM++
  • transmission over serial interfaces with configurable communication rates, if necessary with modem control, TCP/IP or NETBIOS (may use GNCOM)
  • Recording of raw receiver data and correction data in RINEX, RTCM++ or Geo++®-Minimum RTCM formats
  • Remote control (optional)
  • Multi-station solution with networked reference stations GNNET (optional)
  • Integrity monitoring GNRIM (optional)
  • Communications monitoring (GNCIM) (optional)
  • Computer failure monitoring/Watchdog (optional)
  • Coding of correction data with individual codes (optional)
  • Time slicing for overlapping transmission areas
  • Communications module (GNCOM) (optional)
  • Prediction of correction data (optional)
  • RINEX and RTCM output over Mailbox/BBS or web interface (optional)
  • Conversion between RTCM and RINEX (GNRTCMRX) (optional)

Achievable accuracies:

value condition
1m with code-only observations and RTCM-2.0 correction data
0.5m with code-only observations and RTCM++ correction data
1cm + 1ppm with carrier phase observations (GNNET-RTK) and RTCM++, RTCM 3 correction data
0.5 – 1cm with carrier phases, RTCM++, RTCM 3 and GNNET multi-station solution
0.1 – 0.5cm with antenna calibration/multi-path mitigation

Availiable receiver interfaces

Manufacturer Receiver Type
Topcon Legacy, Legacy-E, Legacy-H, Eurocard (GPS und GLONASS), …
Ashtech geodetic receivers, Z12, Z12-Sensor, Super-C/A-Sensor, G12, GG24, Z18, …
Leica SR299, SR399, SR3CC, SR9500, SR500, …
Sokkia Radian IS, GSR2600, GSR2700 IS, GSR2700 ISX, GSR2700 RSX, …
Navstar XR5M
Trimble geodetic receivers, Serie 4000, 4000SSE, 4000SSi, Sensor 7400MSi, …
TRIMBLE 5800, TRIMBLE 5700, TRIMBLE 4700, …
Novatel GPS Card, …
Zeiss GePos RS12, RD24, RM24, Experience, …
Spectra Precision
(formerly Geotronics)
Geotracer (Z 12-Modus)
Geo++ GNTIGER interface for various receiver types (allows compression of receiver raw data to 2400 bits per epoch)

In general both single frequence receivers may be used. New types of receivers are in corse of conception or development; please inquire futher as necessary.

GNREF is currently available for the following operating systems:

  • OS/2 Warp 4
  • Windows NT 4.0 and above
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