Services contain among others the execution of absolute antenna calibration, online services and examples of online Geo++® applications.

  • GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration dm_t_robotGeoService® offers to calibrate GNSS antennas individually and absolutely. Read more
  • GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration & Type Correction GeoService® offers to calibrate and derive a PCV type mean correction using the Automated Absolute Field Calibration from a sample of at least five individual GNSS antennas. The PCV type ... Read more
  • GNPCVDB gnpcvdbGeo++® GNPCVDB allows the access to phase center offsets and variations (PCV) type corrections of GNSS antennas calibrated by the Automated Absolute Field Calibration. Read more
  • GNPCV2PDF gnpcv2pdfGNPCV2PDF allows to upload antenna corrections in ANTEX format for visualization. Read more
  • SSRPOST ssrpost3Geo++®SSRPOST is a Postprocessing service based on SSR data from a reference station network and a realisation of PPP-RTK. Read more
  • GNTRANS Geo++® GNTRANS is a model for coordinate transformations. It offers the possibility of regional, expanded coordinate transformations. Conventional local transformation generally give isolated results (“island solution”) due to the fact ... Read more
  • Station Calibration Station Calibration allows an improvement of network performance and rover network utilization Read more
  • GNWEB Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-09-13 11:00:26Geo++® GNWEB is an internet and intranet capable client / server application for the provision of (virtual) RINEX and other data of GNSMART reference station networks. Read more
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