Robot for Absolute Antenna Calibration

Robot and Guidance Software GNROBOT

The robot consists of five modules, two for horizontal rotations and three for vertical rotations (tilts), which enable the required movements for a GNSS antenna calibration. One essential component of the GNSS calibration of phase variations is the guidance of the robot with the program GNROBOT. The robot could be operated by the manufacturer software, but  it does not provide the interactive communication with Geo++ GNSMART modules, which is only enabled with GNROBOT.

The complete GNPCV system in real-time consists of a computer (PC), data communication and power supply. The data processing is conducted on the PC. The GNSS data streams from the antenna/receiver operate on the robot and the antenna/receiver on the reference station are provided to the GNPCV software components on the PC. The data communication and power supply of the robot must be active. An overview of the components is given in the following figure.


The distances between power supply, robot, PC as well as the performance of the power supply, etc. must be considered. In addition, the power supply of the processing PC and the GNSS receivers must be maintained (not shown in figure).

Generally, a calibration of the robot itself is necessary, which is done in an automatic self-calibration procedure and later evaluation of the measurements. Additional corrections to the manufacturer settings are estimated, which finally give the required accuracy of the individual robot positions

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