Reference Stations

Gives an overview of Geo++® Applications for the operation of GNSS reference stations.

  • GNSMART gnsmart_logoGeo++®GNSMART (GNSS State Monitoring and Representation Technique) is the first system in the world which offers the possibility of total coverage of homogeneous absolute positioning to centimeter accuracy in real-time. Read more
  • GNPOM gncmon2_servletGeo++® GNPOM delivers permanent object monitoring in real time. Read more
  • GNNET gnnet_gps-trackingGeo++® GNNET realizes the networking of GNSS reference stations, following the Geo++® GNSMART concept. By real-time computation of a GNSS multi-station solution the accuracy, reliability and availability of the e.g. ... Read more
  • SSRPOST ssrpost3Geo++®SSRPOST is a Postprocessing service based on SSR data from a reference station network and a realisation of PPP-RTK. Read more
  • GNREF Geo++® GNREF 2.0 is real time software which manages all the functions of a DGPS/DGNSS reference station, including the control of all peripheral hardware such as the GNSS receiver itself ... Read more
  • Station Calibration Station Calibration allows an improvement of network performance and rover network utilization Read more
  • GNWEB Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-09-13 11:00:26Geo++® GNWEB is an internet and intranet capable client / server application for the provision of (virtual) RINEX and other data of GNSMART reference station networks. Read more
  • GNTOOLS The Geo++® GNTOOLS software package contains a group of program modules for data management at stations in a GNSMART reference station network. GNCRON With GNCRON, tasks to be carried out at regular ... Read more
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