Shows up Geo++® solutions for GNSS evaluations in postprocessing.

  • GNNET-POST gnnet_gps-trackingGeo++® GNNET-POST is a software package for the geodetic evaluation of static and kinematic GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) observations in postprocessing. Geo++® GNNET-POST is based on the well known real time ... Read more
  • SSRPOST ssrpost3Geo++®SSRPOST is a Postprocessing service based on SSR data from a reference station network and a realisation of PPP-RTK. Read more
  • GNTRANS Geo++® GNTRANS is a model for coordinate transformations. It offers the possibility of regional, expanded coordinate transformations. Conventional local transformation generally give isolated results (“island solution”) due to the fact ... Read more
  • GNPCV Geo++® GNPCV are program packages which allows an absolute antenna calibration from GNSS observations in the field. Geo++® has developed  realtime and post-processing procedures for the absolute determination of antenna offsets, ... Read more
  • GNTOOLS The Geo++® GNTOOLS software package contains a group of program modules for data management at stations in a GNSMART reference station network. GNCRON With GNCRON, tasks to be carried out at regular ... Read more
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