6. Summary

We intend to fill a gap with this publication containing the absolute PCV results of an AOAD/M_T choke ring antenna. The development of the Absolute Field Calibration of Antenna PCV at IfE and Geo++® reached a point, where the calibration has become a matured and highly precise procedure. With the real-time approach and the automation using a calibrated robot even azimuthal PCV can be resolved very reliably.

The missing absolute information of GPS antenna PCV is now accessible for the interested GPS user. Other groups are invited to verify these results. Results from relative field calibrations can be transformed into absolute PCV. From our side of view and based on our experiences, an individual complete absolute calibration should be prefered within precise applications (e.g. reference station networks, engineering applications, precise GPS height determination ...) due to the high resolution (azimuthal PCV, down to the antenna horizon). There are several antenna types with a magnitude of azimuthal PCV, which cannot be neglected. The AOAD/M_T type has rather small horizontal variations.

The correctness and the effects of absolute PCV have been shown in our verifications. The separation of the absolute PCV antenna effect was succesful. A next and future step should be the careful investigation of the other error sources, which are all correlated and have an integral effect (e.g. satellite antenna, troposphere ...).

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