Changes and updates of the AOAD/M_T web-sites:

  • Version 1.0, 16.06.2000:

  • First publication of absolute PCV results (field calibration) of the AOAD/M_T.

  • Version 1.1, 04.05.2001:

  • Update of Nullantenna file in IGS-Format (nullantenna.igs)

  • There are slight changes due to the transformation procedure of the absolute field calibration results to the AOAD/M_T IGS-Offsets

L1=+0.00000 +0.00000 +0.11000, L2=+0.00000 +0.00000 +0.12800 (north, east, height in meter).

Originally, the horizontal Offsets L1=+0.00060 -0.00046, L2=-0.00010 -0.00062 (north, east in meter) were also used within the transformation. This was not rigorous, since the azimuthal PCV described by the Offsets (e.g. L1-north: 0.6 mm) were introduced. Elevation dependent PCV cannot take up azimuthal PCV. Now, the field calibration result is only transformed to the IGS-height of the AOAD/M_T (L1=110 and L2=128 mm), while keeping the horizontal Offsets. Afterwards, all Offsets again are set to zero.
The downloadable pdf-file of this publication is not affected by the changes.
More theory and details of the Nullantenna will be presented in an extra chapter in this publication soon.

  • History list (this file), in order to show all changes and updates of theses web-sites.

  • Version 1.2, 17.05.2001:

  • Extension of publication list (incl. downloadable pdf-files).

  • Version 1.2, 22.11.2006:

  • history and nullant.first recovered from ife site, logos on starting page recovered (bmpf) or renewed (dlr, bkg)

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