Available receiver interfaces

(GPS and/or GLONASS):

  • Javad: Legacy (GPS und GLONASS),…
  • Ashtech: geod. reveiver, Z12, Z12-Sensor, Super-C/A-Sensor, G12, GG24, uz, Z18,…
  • Navstar: XR5M
  • Novatel: GPS Card
  • Trimble: geod. reveiver, Serie 4000, 4000SSE, 4000SSi, Sensor 7400MSi
  • Leica: SR299, Sr399, SR3CC, SR 9500, …
  • Zeiss: GePos RS12, RD24, RM24, Experiece, …
  • Geotronics: Geotracer (Z12-Modul)
  • Geo++: GNTIGER Interface for diff. receiver types

In general both single frequency and dual frequency receivers may be used.

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