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System for determination of attitude with GNSS in realtime.
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GNATTI Overview

Geo++® GNATTI is a GNSS based Attitude and Positioning System. GNATTI is primarily used for the determination of orientation angles (heading, pitch, roll). Additionally GNATTI allows the high precise and reliable estimation of positions of platforms and vehicles as well as further parameters (velocity, acceleration, rate of turn) in realtime. The position can be transformed to any location on the platform.

GNATTI consists of a redundant antenna array of scalable size. Optional an antenna calibration on the platform carrying the antenna array, i.e. in the surrounding of the later measurement, should be executed to estimate the phase center offset and variation (PCV) of the single antennas (“in-situ” antenna calibration of kinematic platforms). This makes GNATTI especially precise and robust.

By using low-cost single frequency GPS receiver the system is affordable without lacking accuracy. GNATTI allows data transmission via different communication links. The implemented WLAN of our optional hardware solution for instance allows wireless and therefore flexible usage.

GNATTI Applications

GNATTI is useful for different tasks of precise attitude determination and positioning.

A Geo++ GNATTI System with eight L1 antennas is e.g. installed in the meteorological system HELIPOD to get high-resolution GPS based attitude information. The Helipod of Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrtsysteme, Braunschweig ( is a autonomous measuring system, attached to a 15 m rope under a helicopter.


Furthermore GNATTI supports every application, that needs precise information on orientation angels like hydrographie in coastal and inland waters, precise positioning in offshore areas, machine guidance in civil engineering of transportation and utilities management companies and so forth.


GNATTI System attributes

  • precise and robust due to redundance (based on an antenna array of scalable size) and due to a “in-situ” antenna calibration (offset and variance of the antenna phase (PCV) in the actual measurement surrounding)

  • affordable due to low-cost L1 antennas and receivers

  • optimized estimation of positions based on Geo++® GNNET-RTK system

  • improvement of availability because of simultaneous use of several GPS antenna on a platform with complete multi-station solution (Geo++ GNNET)

  • optional integration of additional sensors, e.g inertial measuring systems (INS), electronic compass or other systems to derive attitude information and to support positioning during short-time GPS data loss

  • connection to own reference stations, reference station networks or SAPOS® services for absolute positioning are possible

  • transformation of the GPS antenna coordinates to any point on the platform (3D transformation) as long as orientation angles are available

  • extension of all components to use dual frequency data and GLONASS