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Geo++ GmbH is a German company with many years of experience in the field of satellite-based positioning and related applications (e.g. dedicated software products and complete systems). The scope of applications of Geo++ comprises all components for positioning with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) with emphasis on precise geodesy and navigation. The most important competence of Geo++ is a rigorous modeling using undifferenced GNSS observables. Hardware issues (e.g. oscillator and atomic clocks, antenna reception), atmospheric propagation effects and orbit modeling must be precisely accounted for. Geo++ is a driving force in the development of several new software technologies in positioning and navigation on a local, regional and global scale.

Rigorous Approach (1 Article)

The rigorous adjustment of undifferenced observables is a key issue in the development of the advanced and sophisticated software products of Geo++.

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State Space Representation (1 Article)

One fundamental principle of Geo++ in GNSS applications is the rigorous modeling of all acting error components to the best possible precision.

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GNSS RTK Networking (1 Article)

Based on SSR technology, developed and promoted by Geo++, all of today's GNSS network correction modes (FKP + VRS/PRS + MAC + SSR) are effectively supported by Geo++ GNSMART.

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GNSS Reference Station (1 Article)

Geo++ has an excellent expertise in GNSS antenna and station calibration.

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Consequent Applications (1 Article)

With the expertise and experience of Geo++ in the the field of GNSS and with the unique technology concepts of Geo++, GNSS application with scalable accuracy are developed. The domain of GNSS applications is diversified and range from engineering to global applications.

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