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Services contain among others the execution of absolute antenna calibration, online services and examples of online Geo++® applications.

GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration

GeoService® offers to calibrate GNSS antennas individually and absolutely.

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GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration & Type Correction

GeoService® offers to calibrate and derive from a sample of at least five individual GNSS antennas a PCV type mean correction using the Automated Absolute Field Calibration. The PCV type mean is computed from the individual calibrations using the complete variance-covariance information to estimate the best mean PCV corrections.

The provided absolute PCV corrections can be freely distributed and published without any restriction.

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The Geo++® GNPCVDB allows the access to phase center offsets and variations (PCV) type corrections of GNSS antennas calibrated by the Automated Absolute Field Calibration. The PCV type means are computed from all calibrations conducted for the particular antenna type at Geo++.

GNPCVDB can be used as a html applet, which allows access to the database within a browser.
Open the GNPCVDB database.

Access to general information of the database is free. For the download of actual PCV-files a 3-year-licence must be aquired. Buy your licence at

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GNPCV2PDF allows to upload antenna corrections in ANTEX format for visualization.

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Find any position of the German DB Netz AG railway network with the help of your Android device (e.g. smartphone).

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Geo++® GNTRANS is a model for coordinate transformations. It offers the possibility of regional, expanded coordinate transformations. Conventional local transformation generally give isolated results ("island solution") due to the fact of different transformation parameters. In contrast to this, the transformation with GNTRANS is unique, preserve the adjacent metric properties, homogeneous and continuous. GNTRANS improves the quality, reliability and speed of transformations, allowing fast and efficient work in many fields of application.

Please test GNTRANS available on GNTRANS Server.

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GNRaiLNavOrtungLive Office

Find with your Office Web-Service any position of the German DB Netz AG railway network with an Internet cpable device (e.g. PC).

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GNWEB is an Internet/Intranet capable client/server application for the distribution of RINEX and other data of GNSMART reference station networks. We offer access to a Demo-Version of GNWEB.

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Geo++® SSRPOST is postprocessing based on SSR data and the realization of PPP-RTK.

Test the demo-version of  SSRPOST on the SSRPOST Server.

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