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Reference Stations

 Gives an overview of Geo++® Applications for the operation of GNSS reference stations.


Geo++® GNSMART (GNSS State Monitoring and Representation Technique) is the first system in the world which offers the possibility of total coverage of homogeneous absolute positioning to centimeter accuracy in real-time.

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Geo++® GNNET realizes the networking of PDGPS reference stations, following the Geo++® GNSMART concept. By real-time computation of a GNSS multi-station solution the accuracy, reliability and availability of the e.g. DGPS service is improved significantly.

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Geo++® GNREF 2.0 is real time software which manages all the functions of a DGPS/DGNSS reference station, including the control of all peripheral hardware such as the GPS receiver itself and the related communications equipment. GNREF provides an important base functionality for reference stations in a Geo++® GNSMART system

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The Geo++® GNTOOLS software package contains a group of program modules for data management at stations in a GNSMART reference station network.

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Geo++® GNWEB is an internet and intranet capable client / server application for the provision of RINEX and other data of GNSMART reference station networks.

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Geo++® GNRIM runs on DGPS monitoring stations and provides automatic monitoring of the correction signal quality of any number of local or distant DGPS reference stations.

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Geo++® GNCIM runs on GNREF-reference stations and monitors broadcast correction data signals.

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Geo++® GNRTCMRX, rsp. Geo++® RTCMR_IN is a program for conversion from RTCM to RINEX format, to produce RINEX files from RTCM correction data.

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Geo++® GNMobile enables NTRIP data exchange via mobilephone and much more...

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Geo++® SSRPOST is postprocessing based on SSR data and the realization of PPP-RTK.

Test the demo-version of  SSRPOST on the SSRPOST Server.

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