GNATTI Hardwarecomponents (optional)

If desired also hardware components are deliverable.

  • Example: WLAN Enabled Multiple GPS L1 Receiver with following features:
    • 8 L1 GPS receivers ( up to 10 Hz measurement rate )
    • WLAN conforming IEEE 802.11b (11 Mbps, 2.4 GHz)
    • connector for external WLAN antenna (reverse SMA)
    • RJ45 wired ethernet connector
    • 12 Volt power supply input
    • 8 GPS external antenna connectors (SMA)
    • additional RS232 data channel (2400 .. 460800 bps
    • Eurocard size hardware in alloy case (size 135*110*115 mm)
    • modular design, i.e. customized configurations possible
    • in “local-mode” usable via 1 RS232 COM interface without network at all
    • easy configuration through http interface, telnet or serial terminal
    • incorporates bidirectional serial channel hardware multiplexer/de-multiplexer
    • operation requires only one TCP/IP connection
    • de-multiplexing by software on a Windows PC or by counterpart hardware de-multiplexer
  • GPS/GLONASS sensors and antennas (diverse manufacturers)
  • communication systems (radio modem, GSM modem)
  • inertial systems


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