GNWEB is an Internet/Intranet capable client/server application for the distribution of RINEX and other data of GNSMART reference station networks. We offer access to a Demo-Version of GNWEB.


GNWEB offers to an user accessing via the internet the possibility to generate RINEX data for each provided reference station individually. Start and end time, data rate, file length and data compression are freely selectable. The user receives an overview of the data availability and thus can check the suitability of the data prior to the actual download. The data requested by an user are provided on the GNWEB server for a certain period whereas the user has the possibility to receive these via a simple download or they can be sent to him by mail.


The administration and management of users, stations, data and background map is effected by a GNWEB configuration tool. It allows to set up users, to activate individual user, to lock or to distribute credits. The system operator is in the position to create information about stations, file formats and the like variable. Furthermore the administrator is able to activate respectively deactivate single offers and options.


The communication with the user is effected alternatively via a Java-Applet that can be executed with a browser or via an independent client application that is provided on the server side for the download. Addional users can order RINEX-Data from the Server with the Applet, which appears in SAPOS look and feel.

The demo version of GNWEB client allows get an overview over the access to RINEX data of reference stations.


If you are interested in a personal account for GNWEB send your mail to and discribe your intention for deeper tests.

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