Geo++® GNSMART compatible RTK Rover

GNSMART Systems can be used for example with the following GNSS RTK Rover systems:

Manufacturer Product Requirements
to Firmware etc.
Leica Geosystems SR530 RTK 5.0 or higer FKP, VRS
GX1230 RTK 1.5 or higher FKP, VRS, MAC
Topcon Legacy, Legacy-H, Legacy-E 2.4, >1MB FKP, VRS
HiPer GD, HiPer GGD, HiPer+,
Odyssey-E, Odyssey RS,
HiPer Lite, Hiper Pro
2.4, >1MB FKP, VRS
GB-500, GB-1000 2.4, >1MB FKP, VRS
Trimble 4700 only VRS
5700, 5800, R7, R8, R9, R10 FKP, VRS
Thales Navigation FKP, VRS
Sokkia Radian IS, GRX1 VRS
Altus APS-3, APS-U VRS
Javad Triumph-VS VRS

Some GNSMART provider maintain own lists about compatible GNSS rover systems.

Many additional, even older RTK systems will probably be used with GNSMART services, but are not yet known to us.
We appreciate to get corresponding hints from manufacturers or users. Write us a message to

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