Geo++® GNRT is a receiver-independent software system for position determination using differential GPS (DGPS) and/or GLONASS (DGNSS) in real time.

  • What is DGPS? What is DGPS? Differential GPS (DGPS), or indeed any differential global navigation satellite system GNSS2(DGNSS) in general, greatly increases the potential accuracy of either GPS or GLONASS. By determining the major ... Read more
  • Details on GNRT Types of receivers GNRT is designed to be receiver-independent. Thus, in principle, all major receiver types, including Ashtech, Leica, Trimble and Zeiss among others, are supported by GNRT. This includes both ... Read more
  • Application areas Application areas for GNRT General navigation: on land, water and in the air, with accuracies from 0.1m to 5m Hydrography: Profile measurements 1m to 5m height corrections for soundings <0.1m Object positioning and monitoring: Construction plant control ... Read more
  • Technical data GNRT technical data Base station (reference station) performance features: Control of, and data capture by, satellite receivers with user-definable sampling rates Real time data processing in the following steps: inspection for completeness of data check ... Read more
  • Interfaces Available receiver interfaces (GPS and/or GLONASS): Javad: Legacy (GPS und GLONASS),… Ashtech: geod. reveiver, Z12, Z12-Sensor, Super-C/A-Sensor, G12, GG24, uz, Z18,… Navstar: XR5M Novatel: GPS Card Trimble: geod. reveiver, Serie 4000, 4000SSE, 4000SSi, Sensor 7400MSi Leica: SR299, ... Read more
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