Geo++® GNREF 2.0 is real time software which manages all the functions of a DGPS/DGNSS reference station, including the control of all peripheral hardware such as the GNSS receiver itself and the related communications equipment. GNREF provides an important base functionality for reference stations in a Geo++® GNSMART system.

  • What is DGPS? What is DGPS? Differential GPS (DGPS) or indeed any Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS) in general, greatly increases the potential accuracy of either GPS or GLONASS. By determining the major ... Read more
  • Details of GNREF Correction data formats GNREF is designed for the computation in real time of the necessary correction signals for observations using a very wide variety of types of receivers (code, carrier-phase, single- ... Read more
  • Technical data Features of the reference station: Configuration and data access of the satellite receiver with selectable data rates for realtime data processing with the following steps: Control of, and data capture by, satellite ... Read more

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