GNRaiLNav OrtungLive

Find any position of the German DB Netz AG railway network with the help of your Android device (e.g. smartphone) or via webbrowser (GNRaiLNav OrtungLive Office).

Type in the DB track number and kilometer and you will get the exact position in an aerial image or on a map basis. You will be automatically navigated to the position with an included routing function. The satellite receiver of your mobile device will additionally provide the necessary position when operating in field to directly get the DB track number and kilometer of your location.
Hint The accuracy of the derived position is dependent on the accuracy of the built-in GNSS components (antenna, receiver) and configuration of your mobile device. When you click on a position on the map you are able to get multiple location information.

Link to GNRaiLNav OrtungLive for downloading the Android App or to get access to the webbrowser version (GNRaiLNav OrtungLive Office).


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