GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration

GeoService® offers to calibrate GNSS antennas individually and absolutely.

  • Absolute Antenna Calibration The determined corrections eliminate elevation and azimuth dependent Phase Center Variations (PCV) from antennas and therefore allow to use them optimally. Details about the technology see under GNPCV. For more information ... Read more
  • Description of Service Description of Antenna Calibration Geodetic and precise GNSS measurements make the exact knowledge of the reception characteristics of the used antennas and therefore a calibration necessary. Generally, it is differentiated between the ... Read more
  • Conditions Conditions for Antenna Calibration The Geo++┬«-Method for Absolute Antenna Calibration operates the GNSS antenna to be calibrated on a robot and a second near-by reference station. The second GNSS system consisting ... Read more

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