GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration & Type Correction

GeoService® offers to calibrate and derive a PCV type mean correction using the Automated Absolute Field Calibration from a sample of at least five individual GNSS antennas. The PCV type mean is computed from the individual calibrations using the complete variance-covariance information to estimate the best mean PCV corrections.

The provided absolute PCV corrections can be freely distributed and published without any restriction.

Overview of available calibration services

Service Information
 individual calibration
  • customer provides antenna or integrated receiver/antenna
  • GNSS receiver provided in calibration or real time data access must be clarified for integrated antenna
  • restricted use of PCV with individual antenna only
type mean including individual calibrations
  • calibration of 5 individual antennas included
  • computation of a type mean using complete variance covariance information
  • certificate on calibration result
  • unrestricted use of type mean PCV
type mean from GNPCVDB
  • copy of PCV from GNPCVDB
  • unrestricted use of type mean PCV
Special Case: Near-Field Calibration
  • same possibilities as listed above
  • near-field mock-up must be discussed in detail
  • no guarantee for successful operation due to limited weight and dimensions for use on robot

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