Geo++® GNNET realizes the networking of GNSS reference stations, following the Geo++® GNSMART concept. By real-time computation of a GNSS multi-station solution the accuracy, reliability and availability of the e.g. RTK service is improved significantly.

Outline of the key features

  • GNNET processes correction signals of several PDGPS reference stations in the RTCM 2.1 format,  RTCM 3.x, RTCM++ or RTCM AdV, such as they are created by GNREF
  • Communication between the reference stations via modem connection, via transparent network connections (e.g. via Ethernet TCP/IP, ISDN-Routing) or via the normal RTCM-correction data signal (e.g. 2m radio)
  • simultaneous processing of two or more reference stations, thus, far-reaching registration of distance dependent errors in satellite orbits, ionosphere, troposphere
  • definition of correction models and parameters to describe these errors
  • generation of special correction parameters for an extended RTCM++ format / RTCM-AdV or  virtual reference stations (VRS) or in general with RTCM 3.x
  • on the mobile station the additional correction parameters make the computation of optimal position dependent correction data possible
  • conversion within SAPOS-Decoder is possible, thus, the interface to the mobile station remains in the RTCM-2.1/2.3 format
  • all the GPS mobile systems equipped with an input for correction data in the RTCM version 2.1 or version 2.3, RTCM 3.x format can immediately use the additional accuracy
  • GNNET increases the redundancy of the overall system by using several reference stations

Significant performance features

  • homogeneous accuracy: The distance dependent errors of single reference stations are largely eliminated. In the whole coverage area of a reference station network a homogeneous accuracy is guaranteed.
  • improved integrity and reliability: Incorrect data of single reference stations can be detected and eliminated.
  • increased availability: Even in case of partly lost observations the network solution allows to derive useful correction data.



GNNET – Status Window


GNNET – Station status


GNNET – Ambiguity Fixing


GNNET – FKP engine



GNNET is currently available for ALL 32-/64-bit Windows operation system distributions, e.g.:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 20XX
  • Windows 7/8
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