System for determination of attitude with GNSS in realtime.

  • Overview GNATTI Overview Geo++® GNATTI is a GNSS based Attitude and Positioning System. GNATTI is primarily used for the determination of orientation angles (heading, pitch, roll). Additionally GNATTI allows the high precise ... Read more
  • Details GNATTI Components GNATTI includes the following software components (with corresponding Geo++ product name given): GPS attitude system PDGPS mobile station software (GNNET-RTK) platform transformation of arbitrary points (GNATTI) optional: integration of additional sensors like INS, electr. ... Read more
  • Hardware GNATTI Hardwarecomponents (optional) If desired also hardware components are deliverable. Example: WLAN Enabled Multiple GPS L1 Receiver with following features: 8 L1 GPS receivers ( up to 10 Hz measurement rate ) WLAN conforming ... Read more

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