GNATTI Components

GNATTI includes the following software components
(with corresponding Geo++ product name given):

  • GPS attitude system
  • PDGPS mobile station software (GNNET-RTK)
  • platform transformation of arbitrary points (GNATTI)
  • optional: integration of additional sensors like INS, electr. compass etc. (HPR_IN)
  • optional: own reference station (GNREF or GNRT-Base)
  • optional: extension to GLONASS
  • optional: relative GPS (positioning relative to a moving reference station)


GNATTI Specifications

The reachable accuracies depend on the finally valid and used system components as well as on the surrounding of the system. The availability of suitable GNSS correction data contribute to the quality of the solution just as the used antennas and their near surrounding (nearfield effects).

Mode Navigation Positioning
Heading 0.06 deg * / 0.12 deg ** / 0.10 deg ***
Pitch 0.15 deg * / 0.29 deg ** / 0.10 deg ***
Roll 0.25 deg * / 0.20 deg ** / 0.25 deg ***
Accuracy 2D 0.5 … 1 m 1 … 5 cm
Accuracy Height 0.5 … 1 m 2 … 5 cm



*    Example: typical 1 sigma standard deviation of a 8- L1-GPS-antenna array with dimension 80 * 195 cm
**    Example transformed to a 1m base line
***    Example calculated by rule of thumb: standard deviation ca. 0.2 [deg m]/base line [m]


GNATTI Interfaces


Data type Data format Medium
GNSS Receiver Input receiver specific raw data, diverse GPS/GLONASS receiver types serial (RS232), TCP/IP et al.
GNSS- Correction Data Input RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x, NTRIP
serial (RS232), TCP/IP, Internet, radio, GSM-Modem, et al.
Coordinate Output div. NMEA-Formats,
Geo++® NAV_OUT Formats (ASCII)
serial, monitor, file, TCP/IP, pipe
Orientation angle Output
(Heading, Pitch, Roll)
div. NMEA-Formats,
Geo++® HPR_IN Formats (ASCII)
serial, monitor, file, pipe et al.
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