Geo++ SSR technology for QZSS

Geo++ SSR technology selected to drive Japanese QZSS high precision GNSS augmentation signal.

In May 2015, a contract has been signed between Geo++ and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), the official provider of the QZSS Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS). It has been agreed that Geo++ State Space Representation (SSR) technology will be used to generate CLAS augmentation data. CLAS will enable centimeter accurate positioning within seconds in the whole area of Japan. This performance, typically only achieved by RTK solutions, is made possible by broadcasting a consistent set of GNSS state parameters directly via the L6 channel of QZSS satellites. The service is planned to commence operation in 2018. Geo++ SSR technology has already been tested on the QZSS prototype satellite “Michibiki” since 2011 and has now officially been selected for the final signal. Geo++ is delighted to continue the fruitful cooperation with MELCO and to be part of this keen and innovative project.


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