Geo++® GNSMART compatible RTK Rover

GNSMART Systems can be used for example with the following GNSS RTK Rover systems: Manufacturer Product Requirements to Firmware etc. Remarks Leica Geosystems SR530 RTK 5.0 or higer FKP, VRS GX1230 RTK 1.5 or higher FKP, VRS, MAC VIVA FKP, VRS, MAC Topcon Legacy, Legacy-H, Legacy-E 2.4, >1MB FKP, VRS HiPer GD, HiPer GGD, HiPer+, […]


GNSMART is based on the procedures known as GNSS-SMART (Global Navigation Satellite System – State Monitoring And Representation Technique). With any GNSS (currently GPS or GLONASS), high resolution observations are made, but in practice these are still affected by numerous sources of error (satellite orbit errors, ionospheric and tropospheric effects). The complete system including its […]


Monitoring the System State The simultaneous adjustment and complete modeling of multi-station observations allows the determination of orbit errors, ionospheric and tropospheric delays as well as the reduction of multipath effects. Antenna phase center variations (PCV) are corrected by using calibrated antennas. This enables the use of different antenna types within a network. Beside the […]

Applications & References

GNSMART Applications GNSMART can be applied to a wide range of precise positioning tasks. Application areas include: Extensive reference station networks for total coverage of an area (for example SAPOS® in Germany), Applications for providers of wide-area or linear infrastructure, including energy distribution, railways, roads, pipelines, etc. (for example SATVB Satellitenvermessung Burgenland/Austria), Surveying for wide-area […]