Applications & References

GNSMART Applications

GNSMART can be applied to a wide range of precise positioning tasks. Application areas include:

  • Extensive reference station networks for total coverage of an area (for example SAPOS┬« in Germany),
  • Applications for providers of wide-area or linear infrastructure, including energy distribution, railways, roads, pipelines, etc. (for example SATVB Satellitenvermessung Burgenland/Austria),
  • Surveying for wide-area or linear projects which exceed the range of RTK systems,
  • Hydrography and other precise positioning offshore,
  • Construction plant control for road building and utilities’ networks,
  • Atmospheric science Weather forecast
  • and many others

GNSMART References

GNSMART systems are working world wide for many years. See the list of GNSMART installations for references.

All modern RTK rovers can be used with GNSMART. Find some examples under GNSMART compatible RTK rover systems

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