Application areas

Application areas for GNRT

  • General navigation:
    • on land, water and in the air, with accuracies from 0.1m to 5m
  • Hydrography:
    • Profile measurements 1m to 5m
    • height corrections for soundings <0.1m
  • Object positioning and monitoring:
    • Construction plant control 0.1m to 2m
    • Container positioning 0.5 to 1m
    • Vehicle tracking or positioning 1m to 5m
  • Surveying:
    • Control networks, positioning 1cm
    • Cadastre, positioning and demarcation 1cm
    • Photogrammetry, determination of perspective centre positions 5cm to 100cm
    • Railway track measurement, laying and monitoring 1cm
    • Civil engineering measurement and setting out 1cm
    • Topographic surveys 1cm to10cm
    • Construction monitoring and safety 0.1cm to 1cm
    • Deformation measurements 0.1cm to 1cm
  • GIS:
    • Pipeline surveys 1cm to 100cm
    • Profile measurement (roads and flood defences) 1cm to 10cm
    • Electricity transmission line surveys 5cm to 50cm
    • Utility network inventories 2cm to 20cm
    • Geophysical surveys and profiles 10cm to 200cm
    • Environmental protection and monitoring 10cm to 100cm
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