GNSS Absolute Antenna Calibration

The robot-based antenna calibration service provide absolute calibration of GNSS ground and satellite antenna for the complete 0–90° elevation and 0–360° azimuth range and is the IGS-recommended calibration method.

The phase centre of a GNSS receiving antenna is not a single exact point; rather does it vary in accordance with the direction of the received signal. These phase centre variations (PCV) are function of elevation and azimuth are determined and provided as PCV corrections.

Individual Antenna Calibration

Absolute GNSS antenna calibration of an antenna or integrated GNSS receiver/antenna* provided by the customer.
• GPS only
Individual antenna PCV correction are provided in ANTEX format. The use of the
• only restricted use of PCV correction with individual antenna

*Support of integrated GNSS receiver or configuration of real time data access must be clarified for integrated antenna.
**except GLONASS R03

Type Mean Antenna Calibration

Absolute GNSS antenna calibration of 5 individual antennas. The type mean antenna PCV correction is based on using complete variance covariance information. Certificate on calibration result


The PCV corrections of each individual antenna as well as the Type Mean PCV correction is provided in ANTEX format.

Further Services

  • Model Comparison of Type Mean PCV correction
  • Model Comparison re-branded antenna

Datebase Access

Three-years access to absolute GNSS antenna calibration database of dual- or multi-frequency corrections.

Access to GNPCVDB

GNPCVDB is a webservice allowing the access to phase center offsets and variations (PCV) type corrections of GNSS antenna calibrated by the Automated Absolute Field Calibration.

Visualize your ANTEX file

Use our free service to upload an antenna calibrations in ANTEX format for visualization.